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An Interview with Runa Bouius, Founder, TRUE Power

This week Tom sits down with Runa Bouius, Founder of TRUE
Power Institute. In this episode, Runa inspires, engages, and
discusses how to empower leaders as they open people’s hearts
and minds, one person at a time. She explains how we can get
back to wholeness; if we are not whole in the workplace, then we
are not contributing optimally to the organization. As the founder
of the TRUE Power Institute, Runa describes the inspiration
behind the Institute and how we can reach our full power. True
power is something that allows us to be present and let go. Listen
to the episode to learn more about presence & energy, the choice
we have over our thoughts, and the importance of grounding.

In This Episode:

• [01:00] Meet Runa Bouius – she became an accidental
entrepreneur. Twenty years later, Runa realized that it was
time for the next chapter. She sold her businesses and
moved to America to start a new life.
• [07:10] About being a female leader in Iceland.
• [12:00] How can we get back to wholeness?
• [14:15] Runa defines conscious leadership. There is no true
• [17:30] About the True Power Institute and how we can
reach our full power.
• [21:20] True power ignites the positive social energies of
something bigger than us.
• [24:50] We have a choice of what we do with our thoughts.
• [26:20] About the natural cycles of life and how it relates to
real power.
• [33:55] Learning from mother earth and the principals of
nature. A person that is grounded will respond differently to
• [42:30] As people start launching their careers, they will
encounter emptiness. Runa thinks that it is purpose. Runa
explains how to make lifestyle changes.
• [51:30] More people are connecting through social media.
Tools appropriately used can have a fantastic impact on our

Key Takeaways:

• Conscious leadership means being awake to our thoughts
and feelings.
• Wholeness means power. When we are in full wholeness,
then we are in full power.
• True power is a presence and energy that is coming through
us from a more significant source.
• Stay open to what tomorrow will bring you – it may bring
something much more expansive than something you can
• We can choose to let go of our thoughts and replace them
with something more uplifting and positive.

Meet Runa Bouius

Rúna Bouius is a leadership influencer — a visionary business
leader and wisdom guide who bridges traditional business with
the emerging business paradigm and techniques to uncover a
renewed vision of a regenerative and balanced world for all.
Over the course of her career, Rúna has mentored and coached
hundreds of leaders and uplifted and inspired thousands of
people around the world through her speaking, facilitation, and
writing, and through the social-impact platforms in Los Angeles
she has co-founded, including the Conscious Capitalism LA
Chapter and the TOGETHER! Network for purpose-driven female
entrepreneurs. Rúna sits on a number of advisory boards and has
spoken at conferences such as The International Conference on
Business and Consciousness, Women’s International Networking
(WIN), and the Conscious Capitalism Institute Conference.
She has a reputation as a Conscious Leadership influencer, a
tireless ambassador for raising social consciousness, and a
Change Agent on a mission to evolve humanity’s relationship to


True Power Institute

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