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An Interview with Jim Dethmer, Co-Founder of Conscious Leadership Group

Jim explains that teams have a greater chance of seeing reality if they create certain kinds of conversations amongst themselves. These conversations can be between customers, competitors, and innovators. Feedback rich environments will also assist in creating a clear reality. To have these open conversations and a feedback friendly culture, trust is needed. Jim says for trust to be lasting in a team setting, you will need to trust yourself first. EQ trumps IQ, but BQ (body intelligence) may trump all of the above. We can learn practical ways to interpret the information our bodies give us. Later, Jim explains the commitments to conscious leadership, how to work around assumptions, and preventing burnout.

In This Episode

  • [01:00] Meet Jim Dethmer. Jim explains how he came to know conscious leadership.
  • [06:10] The team that sees reality the best wins. However, we never know the reality of how it truly is. Can we see ourselves more accurately?
  • [08:00] Which comes first, authenticity or trust? Most people think trust comes first. If someone trusts you, then they are willing to be candid. However, if you are vulnerable, people will trust you more.
  • [12:20] EQ trumps IQ. Once your IQ is established, the EQ will kick in, especially in a team setting.
  • [15:50] About BQ – body intelligence. Our bodies have intelligence that is far faster and more reliable than our cognitive abilities.
  • [27:50] The tools Jim uses for his clients to understand BQ.
  • [30:30] The commitments to conscious leadership.
  • [38:00] Working around assumptions and beliefs to create more effective leadership.
  • [44:00] Preventing energetic burnout. When we live unconsciously, our bodies will live in an unsustainable state.

Key Takeaways

  • Support teams by lessening their desire to prove they are right. Instead, increase their desire for curiosity.
  • For trust to be lasting, you have to trust yourself first.
  • Soft skills make a difference in a team setting.
  • Our physical bodies are actually the first line of awareness.
  • Take the time to notice what is going on in our bodies. Pay attention to thoughts and physical sensations

Meet Jim Dethmer

Jim inspires and activates audiences through a rare combination of provocative insights, humor and highly relatable examples based on the latest leadership research and decades of coaching top leaders.
The Conscious Leadership Group (CLG) is a consultancy founded by Jim Dethmer and Diana Chapman. Brings a radical new leadership conversation to the organizational world through coaching, consulting, forums, events, keynotes, and online resources.

“You are either leading above the line or below the line. If you’re above the line, you’re in a state of trust. If you’re under the line, you’re in a state of fear.” – Jim Dethmer


Conscious Leadership Group  

The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership: A New Paradigm for Sustainable Success Here

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