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An Interview with Gina Hayden, Co-founder and Director Global Centre for Conscious Leadership 


Gina Hayden has been developing organizational talent and leaders for more than twenty years. Her key focus is the growth of conscious, responsible leadership shaping business as a force for good in the world. She has a strong desire to promote a responsible and sustainable business that is profit-driven as well as purpose-driven, and she is particularly interested in how leaders develop their capacities to think in more complex and inclusive ways while bringing their hearts to what they do. Listen in as we talk about how COVID has enlightened consciousness as individuals and leaders, understanding connections, and the reality of being conscious leaders working from home.

In This Episode:

  • [01:16] Meet Gina Hayden. Learn about how COVID changed her views of herself and how she found herself in the Conscious Leadership space.
  • [10:27] The concept for Me to We to the World.
  • [18:55] How leaders and organizations can scale up their impact.
  • [29:14] Figuring out what “Connection” means to us.
  • [30:37] Changing the mindset around “Work-Life Balance”. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Don’t say yes to things that don’t feel right for you.
  • If we’re more conscious as leaders, we can start getting into what the impact is that our business can have on the world around us.
  • Conscious leadership is being aware of ourselves and our values and how it transfers to our relationship with others and work.
  • Work is part of life. It was just a false sense that we could separate the work cell from the rest of our lives.
  • Use your values, connections, and what you love as a guide to living your best life.


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Meet Gina Hayden

Gina Hayden is an executive coach, team and leadership program facilitator, and business advisor. She is the author of Becoming a Conscious Leader: How to Lead Successfully in a World that’s Waking Up. She co-founded The Global Centre for Conscious Leadership, the Conscious Leadership Consultancy, and was a founding director of the Conscious Capitalism UK Chapter. Based in London, she works internationally with a range of global corporate clients to bring cutting edge development to their senior leaders, specializing in the skills needed to win in the marketplace through outstanding client relationships, positive impact, successful influencing, and authentic leadership.

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