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An Interview with Dr Kim Byas, Director of Innovative Master of Science in Health Care Leadership


In this podcast episode, we invite Dr. Kim Byas, Program Director of the Master of Science in Health Care Leadership program at the Union Institute & University, to discuss the most significant aspects of conscious leadership: awareness of relationships. A conscious leader will take that awareness and interact with others in meaningful and deliberate ways. Tune in as Dr. Byas reveals how we can make necessary changes to the healthcare system, the ways we need to have conversations around conscious leadership, and the importance of effective communication.

In This Episode:

  • [00:55] Meet Dr. Kim Byas. Dr. Kim reveals the overt racism in the healthcare industry and speaks about conscious leadership.
  • [11:45] About Dr. Kim’s journey to health policy.  
  • [17:40] The most effective ways to change the healthcare system. 
  • [23:05] How to prepare people for conversations around conscious leadership.
  • [32:40] The complexities of relationships in the healthcare industry.  

Key Takeaways:

  • Conscious leadership is the awareness of your relationship with others. Effective leaders will choose to exercise that awareness and interact with others in a meaningful way. 
  • To make changes in the healthcare system, individuals need to leave the healthcare system. 
  • Whatever your industry is, conscious leadership requires both consciousness and leadership.
  • Not everyone is ready for conscious leadership. Most people don’t take the time to figure out how they will live as a conscious leader. 


American Hospital Association:

Meet Dr. Kim Byas

Dr. Byas is Program Director, Union Institute & University’s Master of Science in Health Care Leadership degree. Prior to accepting this position, he served for more than 16 years as the regional executive with the American Hospital Association working with hospitals on federal advocacy, health care system transformation, and health policy. 

He has more than 40 years of successful leadership and innovation in health care settings ranging from his role as the interim president/CEO, Institute for Diversity in Health Management; CEO of Kailo Alliance—a health care strategic consulting company; executive director of a multispecialty physicians group; and as adjunct faculty with DePaul University’s Master in Public Administration program and Loyola University of Chicago’s MBA in Healthcare.

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