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Vatican Retreat Understanding Non-Violence

What exactly is non-violence? Is it simply taking passive stance on controversies? Or is it much more? In this episode, we discuss this philosophy of non-violence and how it was present in major revolutions in the history of the world. We look at the examples of Mahatma Gandhi, Jesus, and Senator Ninoy Aquino of the Philippines. Be sure to tune in.

In This Episode:
● [00:28] The link between a growing relationship with God and addressing inequalities in the world
● [01:32] Non-violent resistance throughout history
● [02:12] The example of Senator Ninoy Aquino of the Philippines

Key Takeaways:
● There is a connection between one’s relationship with God and active non-violence.
● History shows that massive change can occur through active non-violence.
● Be a peace builder in the face of oppression.

—End of show notes —

● “When Ninoy was shot dead, we just like broke free from the fear of being arrested.”
● “My classroom was the streets of Manila.”
● “I am going to change. I am going to be a peace builder.”

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