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Month: October 2020

A ring’s “placing ” refers to the manner in which the diamond is set on the ring.

Through proper lifting and shaping, however if you’re set on proposing with one, a master gardener can make a diamond appear larger than its own weight may suggest. there are choices to consider. Selecting the Diamond Shape. Jewelry store financing. In addition to the four C’s, Some jewelry stores give an yearly percentage rate — or APR — of 0% for customers who wish to fund, you’ll also want to take under account a diamond’s contour. but that financing option comes with a catch, The form of the diamond is a matter of your girlfriend’s taste. which involves signing up to get a store credit card. Belowwe list Some of the Probable shapes you can get a diamond in: This might seem OK in theory, A round diamond is the classic and timeless diamond form. but in practice, The Princess is a square diamond and is the hottest form for engagement rings right now.1 it might get you into some hot financial oceans, Choose the Setting. especially if you can’t manage to pay off the debt throughout the interest-free period. A ring’s “placing ” refers to the manner in which the diamond is set on the ring.

If you haven’t yet paid off your purchase in full by the time that no-interest period closes, Like everything else with an engagement ring, then the credit card merchant may back charge you interest from the original date of purchase. and that setting you select depends a lot on your girlfriend’s preferences. This type of defeats the point of this loan, It is possible to really create combinations of different settings if you want. regardless of which ring style you’ve selected. Here’s a quick primer on the different types of settings, “The secret of financing a ring is to repay the balance owed as soon as you can so you can minimize fund costs,” says Adrienne Ross, so that you ‘re not completely clueless when you walk into the jewelry store.1 creator of Clear Insight Financial Planning. “If you specify a budget that is suitable for your fiscal situation and focus on what is meaningful for you, Tiffany setting. then even if you do wind up financing all or a part of the cost, Introduced by the jewelry business that bears the name. it will be easier to repay faster. ” It’s a timeless and traditional appearance. It’s also worth keeping an eye on special offers which may pop up throughout the year.

Eternity band. Even if you’re not actively searching for a ring today, Instead of one diamond, if you understand there’s a high chance you’ll be looking for one in the future, an eternity ring has diamonds that go all over the ring. you can think about using limited-time offers whenever they arise. Bezel setting. Essentially, A metal rim which encircles the sides of the stone and extends marginally above it.1 if you’re smart about financing and use it as part of a pre-determined strategy to pay for a diamond that is just a bit out of your reach, The rim could stretch round the diamond’s entire circumference or around just a portion of it. then it can be a smart move. A bezel setting holds a diamond securely, If you’re anticipating financing to snag you a ring that is far out of your funding –that is probably not a good idea. and the low, Start looking for classic jewelry. protective profile it creates makes a bezel setting a good selection for women with active lifestyles.

Jewelry stores aren’t the only areas to search for engagement rings. Channel setting. While it could be more difficult to discover a ring that checks off every item on your cherished ‘s wish list, In a channel setting, with some dedicated searching, the diamond or diamonds are put into a metal channel.1 it is possible to discover popular fashions and adjust them to the proper ring size. It may be used as an accent into a main diamond that’s set on a prong. The latter may also qualify you to get a tax write-off. Pave’ (pronounced Pa Vay) Craigslist and Facebook market might also be worth a looknevertheless, This setting is composed of lots of diamonds positioned close together. with any of the options mentioned here, Alternatives to Purchasing a Diamond Ring. think about having the ring analyzed and assessed by a qualified jeweler or professional to be certain the stone and materials in the ring are equally actual.

Most women want a conventional diamond ring. Don’t die for gemstone. However, Yeah, not all do. diamonds are pretty. After all, They’re also the most expensive part of the ring.1 the idea that engagement rings must be gemstone rings is a modern invention, ” For most engagement rings, a marketing ploy by the DeBeers business. the majority of the cost is the centre diamond itself,” clarifies Anubh Shah, Diamonds are not in fact rare or special. co-founder and CEO of engagement ring company With Clarity. They’re costly merely since the DeBeers cartel has succeeded in controlling supply and demand. Mined diamonds aren’t the sole pretty centre stones, Not needing the diamonds to be resold, nevertheless. and requiring people to purchase the heaps of diamonds they were sitting on, For instance: they sought to imbue the jewels with intimate meaning and social status.

Man-made (or lab-grown) diamonds. Starting a full-press campaign in 1938, “The sole distinction is they are grown in a lab and not formed over the earth over centuries.1 the business sought to convince Americans who “A diamond is forever” and the only acceptable way to express your love. This enables them to be both environmentally friendly and less costly than diamonds. In reviewing their marketing strategy in 1951, Lab diamonds are a wonderful option for the ones that are on a budget, the DeBeers ad agency noted: or don’t have good credit to manage financing a natural diamond ring. ” You could also think about cubic zirconia, “The countless brides and brides-to-be are exposed to at least two major pressures which operate against the diamond engagement ring. even though it is structurally entirely different than natural and lab-created diamonds. One of the prosperous, Moissanite. there is the sophisticated urge to be different as a means of becoming clever….1

This crystal-clear stone is almost as hard as a diamond, The lower-income groups would love to reveal more for the money than they could find in the diamond they can afford… and still has a diamond-like glow to it. It is essential that these pressures be fulfilled by the continuous publicity to show that just the diamond is anywhere accepted and recognized as the symbol of betrothal. ” Although primarily man-made today, And therefore it was that DeBeers succeeded beyond their wildest fantasies in convincing both men and women that the size of the diamond was directly proportional to the strength of their love. moissanite was initially found in meteorites, Rather crass when you take step back, making it the ideal stone for the celebrity in your lifetime. isn’t it? Today a man may sometimes postpone his proposal until he can manage a proper diamond ring.1 Other colorful gems. All because of an ad campaign. What’s your love ‘s favorite colour?

Learn and buy a ring with a gemstone in that colour.

An Interview with Tiffany Jana, CEO TMI Consulting Inc & Partner at Now Partners

An Interview with Tiffany Jana, CEO TMI Consulting Inc & Partner at Now Partners


Dr. Tiffany Jana joins the show to talk about equity gaps in the workplace. Equity is about making sure that everyone has the tools they need to succeed. Is everyone in your workplace just as likely to succeed and get a promotion? Most likely “no” because of the collective injustice that has taken place over time is affecting the workplace. Leaders and companies have the tools to make things right that were once wrong in service of greater justice for all. By optimizing your workplace culture through diversity, equity, and inclusion, your employees will feel a fantastic sense of belonging. Plus, it’s essential to understand the areas of opportunity to improve diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

In This Episode:

  • [00:55] Meet Dr. Tiffany Jana, and hear how Tiffany’s mother is a pioneer in the diversity space around the world. 
  • [03:20] Dr. Tiffany reveals the evolution of diversity and inclusion in the workplace – The quantitative and qualitative approaches to measuring equity in the workplace. 
  • [09:55] How Loom The Culture Map works and what types of things it will measure about diversity, equity, and inclusion.  
  • [11:55] The strategy conversation that needs to happen for diversity training to work.
  • [19:00] The importance of Chief Diversity Officers and how their role can be best utilized.  
  • [26:15] The challenges that Dr. Tiffany needs to overcome with clients as they go through diversity work.

Key Takeaways:

  • Everyone has the right and should have the opportunity to earn an honest living doing what they love. 
  • Visionary leaders should build space to create inclusion and create greater diversity to cultivate a healthy workplace. 
  • It’s important to allow the best of all identities to actually show up and come to bear on the solutions that your business is trying to create. 
  • Loom The Culture Map will allow your organization to retain top talent through proactive diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) strategies.
  • All diversity work starts at the individual level. One person can derail any sort of change process. 

Meet Dr. Tiffany Jana

Dr. Tiffany Jana is the CEO of TMI Portfolio, a collection of companies working to advance inclusive workplaces. TMI Consulting, a TMI Portfolio company, is a 2018 Best for the World B Corporation. Jana is also the coauthor of Overcoming Bias and the second edition of the B Corp Handbook. Subtle Acts of Exclusion: How to Understand, Identify and Stop Microaggressions (BK, March 10, 2020), offers a pathway to a more inclusive, respectful society. Learn more at subtleactsofexclusion.com


Subtle Acts of Exclusion 
Dr. Tiffany Jana on LinkedIn 
Loom The Culture Map 
Loom The Culture Map on Instagram 
TMI Consultin

An Interview with John Montgomery, Lex Ultima & NOW Partners

An Interview with John Montgomery, Lex Ultima & NOW Partners

During John Montgomery’s time in the startup world, he realized that there was a certain charisma of all the best leaders – they would emanate a field of consciousness and create a flow state. When your business is in a flow state, you attract all of the best employees, customers, and investors. An infectiously positive work environment will be a complete game-changer for any business. While observing these CEOs and organizations, John learned that companies that adopt sustainable principles provide five points greater return per year to investors than their conventional peers. Plus, businesses that lead from the heart will have more engaged employees and half of the turnover as their competition.

In This Episode:

  • [01:00] Meet John Montgomery. John reveals the journey behind his career and the inspiration for his global movement of business as a force for good.
  • [16:15] What John learned after observing a dozen successful CEOs and organizations.
  • [26:15] The importance of meeting Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs in an organization and why leaders should not be fear-based. 
  • [47:40] The inspiration behind John’s book and documentary to touch on the spiritual change that is necessary for our world.  
  • [53:55] Conscious leadership is people who are committed to waking up, growing up, cleaning up, and showing up. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Leaders in a startup environment will emanate a field of consciousness that is harmonious and effective for peak performance. 
  • A flow state will make your business a magnet for success – you will attract the best customers, investors, and employees. 
  • An infectiously positive work environment is the secret to gaining market share, beating the competition, and increasing profits.  
  • When you’re a visionary, you can easily be ten or twenty years in front of the market. 
  • Leading from the heart will give you employees that are twice as productive, twice as engaged, and half of the turnover.

Meet John Montgomery

John Montgomery is a corporate lawyer whose current project is producing a full-feature documentary film, Awakening a Force for Good, about the global movement of business as a force for good. Here is a link to the trailer: https://vimeo.com/386398166 The password is “4good”.

John’s firm, Lex Ultima, provides transformation management to boards of directors, senior executives, and stockholders to help them adopt the triple-bottom-line approach to business necessary to become a benefit corporation and leverage its advantages. He also provides transformative executive coaching to senior executives through Lex Ultima and the Center for Creative Leadership, where he is an adjunct executive coach and is a partner with NOW Partners, a global management consulting firm.

A corporate lawyer since 1984, Montgomery served as a co-chair of the legal working group behind California’s historic benefit-corporation legislation and is a leading authority on this new corporate form. He is co-founding director and President of the Benefit Company Bar Association and co-founding director and Secretary of the Conscious Leadership Guild. Montgomery also serves on the advisory boards of B Lab Europe, The Purpose of the Corporation, Reporting 3.0, Vista Caballo, and Trimergence to help develop new approaches to capitalism and leadership. 

Prior to starting Lex Ultima in 2017, Montgomery co-founded Chrysallis, a behavior change company, in 2010 (acquired by Aduro in 2016) and founded Montgomery & Hansen, a prominent Silicon Valley corporate law firm, in 2003. Montgomery also founded Startworks Ventures, a benefit capital firm that has provided seed capital to new businesses since 2007, and is the author of Great from the Start: How Conscious Corporations Attract Success.

John Montgomery on LinkedIn 
NOW Partners
NOW Partners on LinkedIn 
Center For Creative Leadership 
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