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Vatican Retreat Planning for Non-Violence

When life is unfair, it’s easy to take the easy way out. Blame somebody. Lash out in anger. Remain bitter. But non-violence is not taking the easy way out. It’s taking the high road of self-control, patience, and forgiveness. Are you someone who’s tempted to remain in the slump of unforgiveness? Join us in this episode to see how non-violence can make you whole again.

In This Episode:
● [00:48] Peace, justice, and creation are interconnected; there’s no separating them
● [01:16] Environmental crisis is a spiritual crisis
● [02:09] How two questions that surround a genocide helped the speaker realize that we need to pay more attention to the story of God
● [05:41] Reclaiming the sacredness of humanity through a transformation process on how we respond to situations
● [06:43] One’s journey from bitterness to forgiveness; non-violence is a healing process
● [11:23] Heal yourself by looking for ways to exercise non-violence

Key Takeaways:
● Peace, justice, and creation are not mutually exclusive. They must co-exist.
● Mankind can formulate technological solutions to problems but it cannot fully address what’s at the core – brokenness.
● God is redeeming the world in non-violent ways.
● Mankind can create an alternative to violence through a correct response to situations.
● We all have a part in the transformation process.

—End of show notes —

● “That’s part of the transformation that we need to do. We are challenged because it’s not easy. It takes a lot of maturity and care to be able to cross that bridge.”
● “Non-violence is a healing process.”


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