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Rev. Emmanuel Katongole

Serving as a priest of the Kampala archdiocese in Uganda, Rev. Emmanuel Katongole joins us today to lead us into reflections of non-violence from three stories. He tells his own story of a troubled childhood, filled with bitterness, and how he discovered the gift of love which turned his life around. He goes on to tell the journey to forgiveness and peace of a mother whose daughter was abducted by rebels. Finally, he tells the story of how one can accept violence to oneself but refuse to enact it to others. Join him in these reflections and discover the path to inner peace.

In This Episode:
● [00:11] Rev. Emmanuel Katongole introduces himself
● [01:47] Rev. Emmanuel’s commitment to non-violence
● [03:38] The first story: Rev. Emmanuel’s childhood and discovery of love
● [07:56] The second story: Mama Angelina’s painful journey to forgiveness and sacrifice
● [10:56] Three reasons why Mama Angelina’s story is important
● [15:14] The third story: Story of the war-torn Republic of Congo
● [19:32] Five convictions from the three stories that were told

Key Takeaways:
● We are invited to the ocean of God’s self-sacrificing love.
● While Rev. Emmanuel lay sick in the hospital, he discovered the gift of love and his calling to the vocation of priesthood.
● It is difficult to pray the ‘Our Father’ when he could not forgive our neighbors
● Non-violence is God’s way of redeeming the world and of responding to evil
● Christ had a vision of a society that is not founded on violence

—End of show notes —

● “Love is our true identity and our true quality.”
● “Non-violence is a personal journey of conversion and petition into God’s revolution of love.”


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