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Mairead Maguire- Feb 2021

Godly strength and bravery is what makes Mairead different from most women because she fought for the holiness of the Gospel to spread love and not war. Listen why she values forgiveness, peace, love, and Jesus right here in this podcast.

In This Episode:
● [01:26] The gospel of Jesus Christ.
● [02:58] The theories of militarism and war.
● [03:33] The shocking truth about Catholic Scientists.
● [04:07] Going against nuclear weapons and war.
● [04:39] Forgiveness over weapons.
● [06:28] On using Zoom to spread love and forgiveness as of now.

Key Takeaways:
● Jesus was totally, totally a man of peace and of nonviolence.
● No matter how they’re (weapons) purchased, forgiveness is the key to peace
● Jesus said “love, love, love, and do not kill him.”
● When Jesus hung on the cross, He didn’t talk about revenge or his struggles.

Mairead grew up in a poor family in Belfast. In addition to her office job, she devoted a great deal of time in her youth to charity work in the Catholic organization Legion of Mary. That gave her a good basis on which to develop the nonviolent strategy of the Community of Peace People, which brought together thousands of people in protest marches and confidence-building measures among the grass roots in 1976 and 1977.

Mairead Corrigan did not give up hope even when the Peace People lost nearly all their support in the late 1970s. She kept up her local peace work with admirable strength.


—End of show notes —

Ep # and title
A Godly Woman Shares Peace Is Better Than War
God’s Ambassadress of Peace: Mairead Maguire
Forgiveness Over Weapons: A Path to Peace

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Should people be for war or for peace?Mairead Maguire chooses the latter because of her great love to Jesus Christ and the Holy Gospel. Tune in to the latest episode a we receive Godly wisdom.


In this episode, an amazing and faithful woman Mairead Maguire talks about peace in a world wounded with the ruins of war. She shares about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and how the begotten Son of God is a man of peace and is inspiring us to be for peace. Tune in now!


Be blessed by Mairead Maguire’s words of wisdom by the power of God as she shares peace upon people as commanded by the Lord Jesus Christ. Find out why by listening to this podcast.


● “For those of us who struggle to live out in today’s world, the message of Jesus is ‘ love one another and forgive each other’.’’ -Mairead Maguire
● “So we have Zoom. Let’s use it to talk about love and forgiveness.” -Mairead Maguire


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