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Fr. Joshtrom Kureethadam- Feb 2021

Fr. Joshtrom Kureethadam shares about non-violence in three points and he enumerates them one by one eloquently with Godly wisdom. If you are searching for answers on non-violence,listen to this podcast now.

In This Episode:
● [02:00] What Pope Francis says about human life.
● [02:46] On peace with the creation of God.
● [03:40] Violence not being the path for integral peace.
● [04:41] The Beatitudes in the gospel of Matthew chapter 5
● [05:15] Fr. Joshtrom on how to achieve the path to non-violence.
● [06:00} The Vatican on launching a movement.

Key Takeaways:
● Pope Francis says that “Human life is grounded in three fundamental and closely intertwined relationships with God, with our neighbor and with earth itself.”
● We need to heal that violence and we need to respond to violence with nonviolence.
● If there is disharmony problems, lack of peace outside. It is because of the violence, the thinners, and that’s the way we, where we need to begin.
● As communities, we can really reach integral piece on the path of nonviolence working together.

Rev. Dr. Joshtrom Isaac Kureethadam is coordinator of Ecology and Creation at the Vatican Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development. He is also chair of Philosophy of Science and director of the Institute of Social and Political Sciences at the Salesian Pontifical University in Rome. His most recent books include The Ten Green Commandments of Laudato Si’ (2019), The Philosophical Roots of the Ecological Crisis (2017), and Creation in Crisis: Science, Ethics and Theology (2014).
Links Mentioned:
Website: https://berkleycenter.georgetown.edu/people/joshtrom-isaac-kureethadam


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Ep # and title
Non-Violence Over Violence by Fr. Joshtrom
The Path to Integral Peace: Is it possible?
What The Church Says About Non-Violence

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Can we beat violence with non-violence? Learn how non-violence is attainable even when the world points to violence. The Word of God along with Pope Francis’ works will be discussed in the Podcast with Fr. Joshtrom Kureethadam. Tune in now!


In this episode, we talk about violence and non-violence with Fr. Joshtrom Kureethadam. He shares about the Word of God as well as the writings of Pope Francis that speak about integral peace–and how to obtain it. If you haven’t already listened, tune in to the podcast now!


Listen to the talk of Fr. Joshtrom Kureethadam about human life, integral peace, violence, and non-violence. He shares about the beatitudes, the Holy Gospel, the writings of Pope Francis all in one podcast. Tune in now!


● “If we are not peace with our neighbor, We cannot enjoy freedom and well-being and peace with God.” – Fr. Joshtrom Kureethadam
● “Nonviolence is compassion and care” — Fr. Joshtrom Kureethadam


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