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Enzo Cursio Non-Violence In Action

The numbers were alarming; the food crisis was growing that’s why Enzo Cursio as a UN Coordinator for Food and Agricultural Organization made an action. Listen to this podcast as he shares his experience in reestablishing a food coalition between countries to help solve the dilemma.

In This Episode:
● [01:18] The statistics of hunger and malnutrition in this pandemic.
● [01:40] How the Italian government and the UN can take an action.
● [02:30] The food coalition aim between countries
● [03:12] Reestablishing the international network of the alliance.
● [03:40] The food coalition joined by 38 countries.
● [04:07] Italy and other countries deciding to put the food coalition as a priority.
● [05:31] Renewing the challenge to the 2030 UN agenda.

Key Takeaways:
● In this pandemic, more than 130 million people died of hunger and malnutrition more than the year before.
● The efforts of countries see society, no state doctors.
● This crisis is not a different crisis between South or Northeastern West.
● The principal point first to make together with the old efforts that we have to build a new world. Not after the pandemic, but also to renew our challenge to achieve the 2030 agenda of the United Nations.

Mr. Cursio is an Italian Journalist, Human Rights activist and currently works at the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations as Co ordinator of the FAO Nobel Alliance for Food Security and Peace. Mr. Enzo believes passionately in World Peace and says ‘World Peace is possible only if we have faith and if we act selflessly and tirelessly to achieve it’.

He has promoted and organized more than 30 International Conferences based on building dialogues between States, National Institutions and Civil Society. Thanks to the encouragement of President Mikhail Gorbachev he co-promoted and co-organized the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates and strengthened the co-operation and built actions between Nobel Peace Laureates and some of the greatest personalities of our time, as Heads of State, Human Rights defenders, Heads of International Institutions, and civil society.

—End of show notes —

Ep # and title
Will There Be Food for a Lifetime? a Food Crisis Dilemma
Hunger and Malnutrition Problem: How the UN Is Taking Action
Enzo Cursio and His Course to End the Food Crisis


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Do you have any idea of the food crisis in the world amidst this pandemic? We are pleased to be informed by Enzo Cursio, the UN Coordinator for Food and Agricultural Organization. Learn about the issue of the food coalition and how it is joined by 38 countries by tuning in to this podcast.


Enzo Cursio, Nobel prize winner and UN Coordinator for Food and Agricultural Organization shares vital information on the food crisis around the world and how we can solve it. Listen to the podcast to get an action for achieving the 2030 UN goals.


Food crisis is real. Enzo Cursio, UN Coordinator of Food and Agricultural Organition shares some important statistics and countries helping to solve the dilemma. Tune in now!


● “We have to take the opportunity in this pandemic to fight inequality and reduce inequality” -Pope Francis
● “We are all at the same level and we can respond at the same level using the efforts and the experience of everyone.” -Enzo Cursio

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