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Dr. Bernice King- Feb 2021

Dr. Bernice King is not just anyone; she is the daughter of the late Martin Luther King Jr. who together with her mother, runs the King center in educating and training people, especially in the philosophy of non-violence. Imagine if we live in a nonviolent world, wouldn’t there be peace? She shares much of her father’s quotes inspired by the teachings of Jesus Christ, and that is to love one another. Doing so would be a nonviolent act that could make a world difference against the triple evils according to Martin Luther King Jr, her father. Supporting her father’s stand, she teaches us the true power of non-violence and how you can break the cycle of violence to help achieve the vision of the community. If you’re a true follower of Jesus Christ, tune in to this podcast.

In This Episode:
● [01:11] About her father’s non-violence philosophy.
● [01:43] Quoting the lecture of Martin Luther King Jr.
● [02:08] The oppression experienced by the African-American community.
● [02:58] Non-violence as a means against evil
● [04:00] Dr. Bernice King on the true power of non-violence.
● [04:38] Choosing Non-violence as followers of Jesus Christ
● [06:45] The Ultimate Goal: Eliminating the three evils
● [08:22] On the need for manta
● [09:23] Non-violence knocks the violator’s conscience.
● [10:03] Disrupting the cycle of violence with non-violence.
● [12:01] The vision of the beloved community.

Key Takeaways:
● Non-violence emerged as the weapon of choice to resist these evils because it aligned with the teachings of Jesus Christ.
● The true power of nonviolence transcends time, which is its ability to create and keep cohesion within humanity because of its insistence on maintaining respect for the dignity and worth of human personhood.
● The power of non-violence is its ability to resist evil and injustice with discipline and dignity to destroy evil and injustice.
● My father also reminds us that our survival as humanity depends on our ability to solve the problems that occur as a result of these evils.
● Non-violence gave them the means to wage war against these evils, without relying upon arms or weapons or relying upon them that they love as a driving force to resist cooperating with institutional, customs, and laws.

Bernice Albertine King (born March 28, 1963) is an American minister and the youngest child of civil rights leaders Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King.[1] She was five years old when her father was assassinated. In her adolescence, King chose to work towards becoming a minister after having a breakdown from watching a documentary about her father. King was 17 when she was invited to speak at the United Nations. Twenty years after her father was assassinated, she preached her trial sermon, inspired by her parents’ activism.
King became CEO of the King Center only months afterward. King’s primary focus as CEO of The King Center and in life is to ensure that her father’s nonviolent philosophy and methodology (which The King Center calls Nonviolence 365) is integrated in various sects of society, including education, government, business, media, arts and entertainment and sports. King believes that Nonviolence 365 is the answer to society’s problems and promotes it being embraced as a way of life. King is also the CEO of First Kingdom Management, a Christian consulting firm based in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Ep # and titles
Reliving The Teachings Of Martin Luther King Jr. Through Bernice
Father and Daughter: The Non-Violence Legacy Continues
Seeking A Better World: Non-Violence to Beat Violence

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“The power of non-violence is its ability to resist evil and injustice with discipline and dignity”,says Dr. Bernice King as inspired by the words of her father, Martin Luther King Jr. Do you believe this? If you want to know why she encourages a non-violent approach to achieve a better world rooted in the teaching of Christ Jesus, tune in to this podcast.


In this episode, we are so blessed to be joined by a spiritual leader and daughter of a former civil activist, Dr. Bernice King. She continues to uphold the active non-violence philosophies of her father to free the world from poverty, racism, and militarism. If you want to know why we need to have non-violence, you definitely need to check it out.


Dr. Bernie King inspires us with her talk in this podcast about non-violence to beat violence. If you are curious on why non-violence, listen and be blessed with the whole episode filled with Godly revelation.



● “The ultimate goal was not just to defeat evil and injustice but to win the opponent or adversaries of friendship and understanding; thereby making way for the creation of the beloved community.” -Dr. Bernice King
● “Perhaps we are the generation that God has chosen to overcome the inclination towards chaos and to usher in a new dawn for all humanity. A world free from the ravages of poverty, racism, and militarism. A new age where economic security, interracial brother and sisterhood, and world peace are the order of the day.” – Dr. Bernice King

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