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Month: June 2020

An Interview with David Helfant, Founding Partner, Helfant Law

An interview with David Helfant, Founding Partner, Helfant Law

David speaks about encouraging his clients to get involved with charitable organizations to build their brand and give back to their communities. David always asks his clients how they want people to remember them. Do they want to be remembered as someone who makes money, or do they want to be remembered as someone who changed the world? When David’s clients think about these questions, they tend to understand that wealth has a broader definition. David is blessed; he goes to work every day and loves what he does. Later, David speaks about how the American entertainment industry shapes the rest of the world, observations about conscious leadership in the entertainment industry, and surviving cancer.

In This Episode:

  • [1:30] Meet David Helfant
  • [5:40] The merger between art and commerce. How do you have a brand while making a positive impact on the world? 
  • [12:30] The American entertainment industry shapes the rest of the world. How much does the industry own how it shapes the world? People are looking for programming that tells the side of a story that isn’t mainstream. 
  • [20:00] Observations about conscious leadership in the entertainment industry. David talks about his personal journey with the Guitar Center Music Foundation. 
  • [27:25] About David’s healing process and surviving cancer. He realized he spent way too much time working and not enough time with his family.  
  • [30:50] Mentoring is a valuable asset. We can shortcut other people’s paths by cutting out mistakes. David speaks about his mentoring journey. 
  • [44:45] Songs get embedded into our memories and become shared moments. Leaders help create these shared moments.  

Key Takeaways:

  • Educate people on the direction they take their creative careers. 
  • Have a charitable contribution plan to help the world, the community and your brand.  
  • People are looking for programming that tells the side of the story that isn’t necessarily public. 
  • Wealth isn’t about money; wealth is about what feeds your soul. 
  • Prioritize what’s important to you in your life. As long as you can pay your bills, use your time and resources to help others.

Meet David Helfant

For over 38 years, David has been practicing as an entertainment attorney specializing in music, motion picture, television and video production and distribution. He’s also a Cancer Survivor and shares how he encourages his clients to get involved in charitable organizations to build their entertainment while also making an impact in the world. 

Save Us The World YouTube
Guitar Center Music Foundation

An Interview with John Renesch, Advisor & Author

An Interview with John Renesch, Advisor & Author

John started waking up the 70s and getting into the human potential movement. You cannot be in this world without running into consciousness. John took the term conscious leadership and started a real estate company to become financially independent. Later, John decided to start a nonprofit foundation to promote system thinking. John coined the term conscious leadership; however, people have been using the term exponentially. John gives his definition of conscious leadership and how he relies on a trusted source of guidance. Later, John reveals the qualities of a conscious leader; he describes the future of conscious leadership and the biggest crisis in our world.

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” -Howard Thurman

In This Episode:

  • [02:00] Meet John Renesch and how he discovered conscious leadership. 
  • [10:00] About coining the term conscious leadership. 
  • [13:25] How John defines conscious leadership. If you ask twenty people, you will get twenty different definitions. Most people understand what leadership is. However, what does consciousness mean?  
  • [18:50] Utilizing a reliance on a trusted source of guidance. 
  • [20:45] The qualities of a conscious leader and how responsibility can take on a sacred role in leadership. 
  • [25:00] The future of conscious leadership.  
  • [34:30] Having an attraction to conscious leaders. 
  • [38:40] The biggest crisis in the world –  there is a lack of leadership in the world, and many of our leaders are not fully awake. 
  • [44:50] Find something that lights your fire. If you can’t find a passion, then look for what pisses you off. 
  • [49:15] Look for what makes you come fully alive and do that. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Consciousness cannot be defined. 
  • When you are conscious, responsibility takes on a sacred role. 
  • Consciousness will become the way everyone starts living and leading. 
  • The biggest crisis in the world is the lack of leadership. 
  • There needs to be a world that works for everyone. Our society will realize the highest priority is the wellbeing of everyone. 

Meet John Renesch

John Renesch is an advisor, mentor, futurist and writer on matters of social and organizational change. He believes that commerce holds the key to bringing about a global shift of human consciousness thus creating a future of tremendous possibility for humankind – the possibility that will allow humanity to transcend the inevitable future that can be projected from current trends.

John is now a global futurist, humanitarian, writer and occasional keynote speaker on topics that integrate the subjects of business, human consciousness and possible scenarios for the future of humanity. He has also become a social activist, an advocate of social and organizational transformation and awakening what he sees as the latent potentialities of the human race. John is not an ordinary futurist who mostly downloads from the past. He listens to what wants to happen and with unlimited possibilities he becomes a champion of that future. LinkedIn
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