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Month: May 2020

Distribution marketing services


The following combination of services are available to market,
distribute and grow the audience of your podcast

• Graphic Design for each individual episode tile
• Show Notes written by professional copywriter SEO + Keywords
• Sending out guest release email to announce episode release.
• Distribution of episode to your website
• Distribution through platform, Apple and Google
Podcasts, iHeartRadio & Spotify
• Transcription of each episode
• Newsletter Updated and released with every episode
• Blog Post specific to episode written by professional copywriter
• Audio and Video promotional clips
• Social Media Post Content with sourced hashtags
• Schedule & Post Social Media

Website Integration

We can build a website from scratch or integrate your podcast into and already existing website

Our web development team will build out (3) wordpress pages Into your existing website.
The first page will reflect your unique vision behind doing a podcast and educate listeners how to download, subscribe and write a review of your show.

The second page will archive all of your episodes and connect to a show notes page for each episode.
Or if you don’t have a web presence at all we can build one for you!

Technology and equipment

You do not need to stress about getting the right equipment!

Our engineer will source the equipment you need, ship it to you,
set it up and do a sound check with you. You can feel confident your equipment is affordable and top quality!

We record you and your guests from where you’re located by connecting you to a live engineer in our studios or you can record on your own. Either way, we make sure you’re set up with the best quality equipment at the most cost effective price.

What comes with the equipment?

You will receive:

One Microphone and Mic Stand
One Set of Headphones
A USB interface box to connect to your laptop
All the necessary cords to connect everything

• Equipment sourced and shipped to your location
• Sound Engineer available to set up your equipment with you in person or via Zoom or Facetime
• Equipment testing session and recording sound check with technical engineer to verify your sound levels and connection

Equipment set up starts at $575

Full Service Production

Full Service Production

Production costs are based on length of episode, monthly or series batching,br> and range of post production editing services required. The prices reflected are for up to a 30 minute podcast.

Full Service Podcast Production With Live Engineer

We record you and your guests from where you’re located by connecting you to a live engineer via an online portal into our studios


Live producer in studio Sound check, Tech Support

Sound check with technical engineer available

Professional Post Production

Full audio editing and mastering of each show

Audio-production enhancements, including vocal balancing, vocal compression

Mixing in the open/close of the show with a custom music bed
Mixing in commercials when needed

Mixing down to -16 LUFS audio standard.

Converting to high quality MP3.
Tagging the MP3 file with the proper ID3 Meta Tags.

Completed MP3 delivered to your Dropbox folder




Everything you need to get your podcast up and running in advance of recording your first episode.

Concierge Ambassador Service interfacing with your team throughout the entire relationship
from development through the distribution process.

Sourcing of customized studio equipment optimized for your space
Writing of the show open and close by a professional broadcast copywriter
Writing of the show description by a professional broadcast copywriter
Professional voice over talent recording for the introduction and closing
Custom licensed music bed for the show
Creating Podcast Cover Art
Adding Album Art, Title & SEO Tags
Set up all podcast hosting and distribution platforms
Submission to multiple podcast platforms iTunes, iHeart, Spotify & Pandora Approval
Marketing strategy roadmap for ongoing podcast promotion



All Access pass to industry experts to assist you with the creative, concept, production, marketing and monetization process of developing your podcast

The strategy sessions will provide:

A Fully flushed out show concept blueprint
Pre and Post Production Budget Plan
Show Distribution Plan
Sponsorship packages 
Marketing road map for the show

Ask the Expert consulting to review and advise on any podcasting related questions, logistics, marketing outreach, distribution, etc . You’ll also receive customized guest management and marketing outreach documents all integrated in customized project management system

3 (1hr) sessions can be held over the phone or video conference


An Interview with Rich Fernandez, CEO of SIYLI, Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute

An Interview with Rich Fernandez, CEO of SIYLI, Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute

Rich dives deep into his background and explains how he finds mindfulness personally and professionally. Rich explains that a leader is someone with influence. So, leadership can be based on your role and authority. However, just because you have a specific purpose in an organization doesn’t mean you will be an effective leader. Then, Rich speaks about rewiring our brains and learning how to train our awareness and train our attention. We can grow the grey matter in our minds using contemplative practices. Later, Rich explains how to become a conscious leader – it involves practicing awareness and turning our lens on the impacts we have on others.

In This Episode:

  • [01:00] About Rich Fernandez
  • [02:50] How Rich finds mindfulness personally and professionally 
  • [07:00] The difference between power and influence
  • [11:00] How corporations are becoming a social enterprise  
  • [17:45] We can rewire our brains and grow our grey matter with contemplative practices
  • [22:25] The impact of Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute
  • [26:30] Developing conscious leadership through contemplative practices
  • [34:50] Organizational culture is changing to be human and environmentally centered
  • [39:50] About the adoption of SIYLI at Google
  • [48:00] We need conscious awareness to navigate enormous complexities  

Key Takeaways:

  • A leader is somebody who has influence. Leadership can be based on role, authority, and influence. 
  • Just because you have authority doesn’t mean you will be an effective leader. A leader needs to demonstrate a positive influence to create an ethical outcome. 
  • Meditation has powerful effects on our physiology and our brain.
  • Contemplative practice is a way to turn the lens inward and turn the lens on our impact on others; awareness is a skill we can grow and cultivate.
  • We are just at the beginning of integrating conscious leadership into organizational culture.

Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute

Meet Rich Fernandez
Rich is the CEO of SIYLI. He was previously the director of executive education and people development at Google, where he was also one of the first SIY teachers. Rich previously founded Wisdom Labs and has also served in senior roles at eBay, J.P. Morgan Chase and Bank of America. He received his PhD in Psychology from Columbia University and is a frequent contributor to the Harvard Business Review.

An Interview with Cory Smith, Co-Founder and CEO at Wisdom Labs

An Interview with Cory Smith, Co-Founder and CEO at Wisdom Labs

Cory describes his entrepreneurial journey and business background. Cory speaks about the impact that media has on society. We need to work on building resilience within people and organizations. Self-awareness, social awareness, and creativity will be a premium moving forward. Cory explains the many tools that Wise@Work has to help organizations create a wiser workplace. Business holds the most potent influence in the world, for good or for evil. There are no shortcuts; changes need to happen from individuals and teams. Later, Cory speaks about the growing market for Wise@Work, trends in conscious leadership, and how Cory shows up as a conscious leader at work.

In this episode:

  • [01:00] Meet Cory Smith. Cory explains his business background and reveals his travel stories. 
  • [12:30] The impact of media on society. 
  • [15:30] We need to build resiliency with people in organizations despite chronic stress, worry, and burnout.  
  • [17:20] Creating wiser workplaces for a better world.  
  • [23:30] The results employers will see when implementing Wise@Work. 
  • [30:30] The growing market for Wise@Work.  
  • [34:40] Trends in conscious leadership.  
  • [36:55] How Cory shows up as a conscious leader. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Organizations need a community where they learn social awareness. 
  • Any room can turn into a mindfulness room. 
  • Chronic stress and loneliness rates are going up each year. 
  • Meditation and mindfulness are essential tools in battling chronic stress. 
  • We need to find a way to navigate burnout in leadership.


Meet Cory Smith  
Cory has spent over 20 years aligning purpose, entrepreneurship, and social good to create companies that have a positive impact on people and the planet. Previously, Cory was CEO of Impact Hub Bay Area, CEO of the Social Capital Markets Conference, the first Innovation Fellow for the San Francisco Mayor’s Office, CEO of Webcast Solutions (acquired by StarMedia/France Telecom) and Co-founder of MediaCast, the first on-location webcast company.
Cory’s LinkedIn
Wisdom Labs
Wise@Work the Podcast 

CEO Roundtable: Covid-19 Insights

CEO Roundtable: Covid-19 Insights – May 7th 2020

How has COVID-19 affected the way your organization is run? In this special episode, conscious leaders discuss how their organization has been affected by COVID-19 and the decisions they’ve made as a result. We discuss the need to preserve cash, concerns about organization culture following staff reductions and concerns resulting from COVID-19. CEO’s Bob Chapman, Cory Smith, Sarah Mehler, and Karen Short each share the decisions they’ve made, the impact it is having on their organization, and how they as a leader have been challenged.

In this episode:

  • [02:09] CEO’s Bob Chapman, Sarah Mehler, Cory Smith, and Karen Short introduce themselves and their company. 
  • [13:25] Cory Smith, CEO of Wisdom Labs, shares how they put together a free resource kit for anxiety, sleep, etc. Uncertainty plus fear equals anxiety. 
  • [24:59] Bob’s perspective that he can share on covid-19. How do we show people even in these difficult times, we have a profound sense of caring. 
  • [31:32] Cory Smith explains how mental, emotional and social well-being of employees matters as much as other aspects. They haven’t been taught in school so how can someone learn these. 
  • [35:13] With people spending so much time sheltered in place in front of screens, Tom Eddinton asks Sara Mehler, what are you doing as an organization and what are your clients doing to to deal with that when people are able to to leave their homes and get back into the world?
  • [31:31] Tom asks Karen Short, CEO of Universal, What are some early indications around how people are going to have those needs around human touch and human interaction starting to emerge?
  • [50:19] Guests share what they have learned about themselves and their leadership style.
  • [59:27] What does the virus spotlight from an employment perspective. What are some hopeful signs of things that will be different when we emerge from this?
  • [01:01:19] What’s the role of employers in helping individuals deal with the reality of what’s likely still ahead of us? What can employers be doing to help provide the level of care and support that individuals need, not just financially and intellectually and spiritually or from a health standpoint, but socially?

Key Takeaways:

  • If we don’t have a good business model and that business model fails under various economic conditions, we’re going to hurt the very people that we care about. 
  • There is no work life balance, there’s just life. 
  • It’s a period of resourcing from within and resourcing in ways one didn’t really need to before as a leader. 
  • We need to be thought leaders and help shape what the future will be like.
  • What can we learn from this and do better next time because this could happen again. 


Bob Chapman 
Bob Chapman is Chairman and CEO of Barry-Wehmiller, a $3B capital equipment firm that he’s led since 1975, applying a unique blend of strategy and culture to build a global organization of more than 100 acquisitions and 12,000+ team members. Over two decades, a series of realizations led Chapman away from traditional management to the concept of Truly Human Leadership, a transformation that inspired his best-seller Everybody Matters: The Extraordinary Power of Caring for Your People Like Family. Named Inc.’s No. 3 CEO, Chapman shares his message about business’s opportunity to become the world’s most positive societal influence to audiences including Conscious Capitalism, Fortune Scale Up Summit, the Aspen Ideas Festival, Danforth’s Seeds of Change, US Congressional Retreat, WorldBlu, and CEO Global Leaders Forum. Inspired by Chapman’s work, the Chapman & Co. Leadership Institute was founded in 2015 to partner with other organizations looking to improve their cultures, develop outstanding leaders and inspire their people. 
Everybody Matters
Bob’s LinkedIn

Cory Smith  
Cory Smith is the co-founder and CEO of Wisdom Labs, a company that provides science-based learning and practices to help improve mental, emotional, and social wellbeing at work. Wisdom Lab’s scalable suite of digital products are being used by companies such as Salesforce, GoPro, Merck, Kauffman Foundation, and LinkedIn.  Previously, Cory was CEO of Impact Hub San Francisco, CEO of the Social Capital Markets Conference, the first Innovation Fellow for the City of San Francisco, CEO of Webcast Solutions (acquired by StarMedia/France Telecom) and co-founder of MediaCast, the first on-location webcast company.
Wisdom Labs
Cory’s LinkedIn

Karen Short
For 25+ years, I have served in B2B and B2C marketing and sales positions. As an entrepreneurial leader specializing in innovative and transformative marketing and sales, I have successfully executed aggressive growth strategies ranging from market-driven and sales-focused organizations to growth through mergers and acquisitions across multiple industries. I build brands with a focus on quality, reliability, distinction and thought leadership positioning. 
Karen’s LinkedIn
Universal Companies 

Sarah Mehler
Sarah Mehler is Founder and CEO of Left Field Labs, a creative agency dedicated to humanity’s profound relationship with technology. She leads a team of 100+ designers, developers, and strategists that have launched hundreds of digital products and experiences — from VR and websites, to apps and experiential installations — for clients such as Google, Discovery, Android, Estée Lauder, Uber, and Disney.
Left Field Labs
Sarah’s LinkedIn

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